Women who struggle with their weight may want to bang their head on a wall if they get on the scales and their efforts of the week haven’t created the result they wanted. You will probably feel like giving up. I have came across this a lot in Personal Training.    There is one thing […]

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Why All Women Should Lift Heavy Weights

Weight Training in females is as popular as it’s ever been. To some though, when I start working with them, or just seeing them around the gym – there is a confusion of what exercises the should be doing or how they should be doing them. This in turn means they hide on a machine […]

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Change Your Self Talk For Better Results

I am currently studying for 2 different certifications, in between 10 clients a day and all other usual life stuff. Today I told my self I didn’t have time to revise because I was busy. However, I did have time: –  To train – Go and buy food I didn’t really need – Watch the […]

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