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  • Looking to lose weight?
  • Want more confidence in your body?
  • We are Based in Birmingham City Centre 
  • We help people lose weight and change their body shape
  • No Gym Membership fees!

"Hi, we are Chris Murray and Stuart Lunn. We have been Personal Trainers helping people improve their health, fitness and lose weight for a combined 20 years! We have huge experienced with working with people who have a busy lifestyle, want to lose weight and most of all want results. We know it can be a scary process asking a Trainer for help, but we want you to know we have done this a long time. We have put together everything we have learned about getting people back in to shape in to what we call our Accelerated Weight Loss Program. The programs details are below so check it out. You will be in safe hands, give us a call or arrange a meeting with us to see how you get on."



  • Gives you an opportunity to achieve your ideal body; FAST!
  • With 20 years of experience we have condensed everything we know about weight loss in to 12 weeks.
  • We know it's not just exercise but mindset, behaviour and nutrition too. We work on all of this with you.
  • We work with people who are mainly beginners or struggled with their weight for a while.
  •  THE ACCELERATED RESULTS PLAN leaves no room for error and your will have daily contact with your Trainer every single day to ensure you are on track! We ALWAYS get results on this plan - could you be our next success story?



Who’s it for?

  • For those who's weight has crept through a busy work, family lifestyle.
  • Want to feel fitter and healthier again.
  • We know how hard it can be for you starting a weight loss plan, we know your worries - confidence, fitness, willpower , motivation, too busy.That's why we created this plan which caters for every aspect of your weight loss.

Are you ready to change your body and lose your fat for good? NOW is the time for you to start!

Book a trial session today to begin your body transformation. 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

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Why Personal Training?


There are huge amounts of benefits to working with someone 1-1 to help with their health, fitness and gym specific goals. The main one would be that most people have no clue what they're doing when it comes to such topics. What they are willing to do though, is to completely make it up as they're going along and hope for some kind of result at the end of it!

Think about that for a moment. Most people have no idea what they're doing, but are willing to try anything without supervision to get a successful result. In what other aspect of life would you do that? Your car is broken, would you drive it to a mechanic (the gym) and attempt to fix it yourself? Ignoring offers of help? Would you do that? If you had a toothache would you go to the dentist (the gym) and tell the dentist you have an idea of what you're doing, so you’ll be fine with no help. Sounds mad right?

But surely if you are working up a sweat it must be doing something? Just like if you're taking your car engine out, it must be doing something to fix your car? Keep prodding that tooth too, that will be sure to get rid of your toothache!

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About Body transformation

If you are here, then you are sick and tired of being overweight. Weight loss isn't easy or simple, that's why it is a good idea to seek the support and guidance from a personal trainer. Your Personal Trainer in Birmingham will work with you in the gym one to one for an hour each week to teach you how to exercise, motivate and push you so you can get the most out of your workouts.

On top of this you will receive all the diet information and guidance you will need for you to have a happy healthy and sustainable diet that will allow you to lose weight. Finally, you will be supported every day to keep you going with your own exercise plan, keep you on track with your food and make sure you lose weight, week, after week, after week.


How to get MOTIVATED!

How to get MOTIVATED!

  • Always struggling with motivation for weight loss?
  • Start a diet and then fall off the wagon?
  • Want motivation to exercise?
  • This book will show you how to get motivated and stay motivated!!

£ 6.996 Months

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Nutriton e-book buy now!

Nutriton e-book buy now!

£ 6.996 Months

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Posture fix e-book buy now!

Posture fix e-book buy now!

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We are here

Ultimate Fitness Birmingham
100 Holloway Head, B1 1NB

Pure Gym Broad Street 181
Birmingham B15 1DA

Bannatynes health club
3 Brunswick arcade
Brindleyplace Birmingham B1 2jf 

0788 387 3320 - Stuart Lunn

0772 771 1423 - Chris Murray

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