Benefits of Personal Training

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One of the main benefits of personal training is having someone who can show you how to work on your health, fitness and gym specific goals in a safe and effective way. Many people have actually no clue of what they are doing when it comes to such topics, but are more than willing to try and completely make up their own plan as they’re going along and hope for some kind of result at the end of it.

Think about that for a moment! Most people have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to their health and fitness, but are willing to try anything without supervision to get a successful result. In what other aspect of life would you do that? Imagine you had tooth ache, so you drive to a dentist and attempt to fix it yourself, ignoring offers of help? This sounds mad right? Then surely if you are trying to improve your fitness, diet and health you also need the help of a professional. Don’t you? Just hoping that working up a sweat must be doing something is not an effective way to approach these health and fitness issues.

Working up a sweat must be better than doing nothing though surely! Just like poking at that toothache must be doing some good surely?! Personal Training can provide you with a specific, safe, structured and effective plan to get you the best results.

Why BT Personal Training?

Body Transformation Personal Training was founded by Chris Murray and Stuart Lunn (for more about us see…). With over 10 years experience and knowledge we have achieved successful results time and time again.

So why choose us?

✓ Fully qualified and working with physicians and GPs
✓ 20 years + experience of working with both male and female clients
✓ We help you exercise safely and stay injury free
✓ Successful results and happy clients time and time again
✓ We see our clients as individuals and follow a personalised approach to training
✓ We offer training 16 hours a day, 7 days a week to suit our clients’ work-life balance/schedule
✓ We provide our clients with easy-to-follow workout and nutrition plans
✓ We keep in contact with our clients in between sessions to keep them motivated and on track
✓ We cover all types of training to match your goals
And most importantly: We make people enjoy their personalised exercise routine and make goal achievement safe and easy!

Who do we work with?

The Beginner who has never used a gym before. Feeling nervous about doing this? That’s normal!
• The Busy Parent who is not in the shape he/she would like to be
• Those who have a Full Time Career and struggle to make time for exercise and diet
The regular Gym User who isn’t getting the results he/she deserves
The Older Adult who is worried about their muscles and joints

So if you are looking for help to achieve weight loss , muscle growth , strength gains or general improvements in your health and fitness please contact us to see how we can help you. Call 07727711423

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