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What do we do?

We listen

We listen to you and ask the questions that help us both understand how we can best work together to get what you want.

We design an exercise plan

We use this information to design the best exercise routine for you then we teach you how to do it.

We design a diet plan

We use this information to create a pattern of eating that suits your tastes and lifestyle that allows you to lose weight and still enjoy what you eat and the occasional blow out.

We keep you accountable

We keep you accountable with regular weigh ins, diet reviews and face to face meetings.

We support you

We keep you supported every step of the way.

We get you results

We create a sustainable result that go beyond our time together.

How Do We Do It?

What do we listen to?

We listen to what you have to say about what you want to do and how you think we can best help you do that. We ask the right questions such as what have you done before and what was good and bad about it? What foods do you like? Do you prefer to have fun when you’re training with a gamication approach or a firm structure.

How do we design an exercise plan

Though the plans are designed around you they are still very much based in evidence and technique to ensure you progress with your fitness and knowledge as quickly and as safely as possible.

How do we design a diet plan

Sometimes these are rigid plans that you stick to but much of the time they are a constantly evolving and flexible solution to your day to day needs. This is possible due to the regular contact you have with your trainer outside of the gym.

How do we keep you accountable

When we meet in the gym you will be weighed, unless there is a valid reason not to. Your daily and weekly food intake is monitored and deviation from the agreed plan is discussed and solutions are found. We’re not here to shout at you but there may be a raised eyebrow if the only reason is you were busy or a bit tired that day.

How do we support you

We are here for you. Weight loss is more complex than just eating less and moving more. If it was that simple everyone would do it. Your day and your life is an ever changing landscape. We are there through the ups and downs to keep you on a happy and successful track.

We get you results

If you work with us and you are honest, you will be successful. We will also teach you the skills and techniques such as self monitoring and appraisal to allow you to keep your weight and shape under control and in a place where you can be proud happy and healthy.

Please use one of the many methods to reach out to us and you might just find the happiness of the shape and health you know you deserve.

Hi my name is Chris Murray. I have been Personal Training and helping people improve their health, fitness and lose weight for 15 years.

 I consistently study the latest courses available and always look to improve my knowledge where I can. When working with a client I like to make sure people are firstly at ease in the gym and with what we are doing. Depending on the goals of the person I will put together a plan that will ensure the quickest possible result.

If you want results you have to be willing to train hard, I have found as long as I can fully explain why I want a client to do something, it is easy to get them to push past their limits. I train myself pretty hard so I like people to feel the same pain I do. 

Chris Murray

Personal Trainer

Why Body Transformation Personal Training?

Body Transformation Personal Training was founded by Chris Murray and Stuart Lunn.
With over 10 years experience and knowledge we have achieved successful results time and time again.

So Why Choose Us?


✓ Fully qualified and working with physicians and GPs

✓ 10 years + experience of working with both male and female clients

✓ We help you exercise safely and stay injury free

✓ Successful results and happy clients time and time again

✓ We see our clients as individuals and follow a personalised approach to training

✓ We offer training 16 hours a day, 7 days a week to suit our clients’ work-life balance/schedule

✓ We provide our clients with easy-to-follow workout and nutrition plans

✓ We keep in contact with our clients in between sessions to keep them motivated and on rack

✓ We cover all types of training to match your goals

And most importantly: We make people enjoy their personalised exercise routine and make goal achievement safe and easy!

Who Do We Work With?

  • The Beginner who has never used a gym before. Feeling nervous about doing this? That’s normal!
  • The Busy Parent who is not in the shape he/she would like to be
  • Those who have a Full Time Career and struggle to make time for exercise and diet
  • The regular Gym User who isn’t getting the results he/she deserves
  • The Older Adult who is worried about their muscles and joints

feel confident
about your body