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Hi, I am Chris Murray. 

After 15 years in the Personal Training Industry I have developed The Accelerated Results Program.  

With my experience I have created a unique approach to changing people’s bodies, that involves more than just your standard exercise plan. I realised a lot of people’s main struggle isn’t doing the exercise it’s a lot more than that, knowing what and how to eat, how to ‘stay on the wagon’ are both huge factors to a successful program. Firstly though, getting motivated is a huge struggle for some.  People want and need accountability, so a successful  program must cater for this. In my early years as a Trainer I never catered for working on people’s minds, just their bodies. As this left me with limited results, I was determined to find out what makes some people successful and others not. I found all the answers in studying NLP (the study of human behaviour). So now not only am I fully qualified in how the best exercises to use but and what to eat, but also how to get some one to truely change their behaviours! 

My Bodytransformation Results Formula follows 4 simple Stages: 

Here is how you can carry out the 12 Week Program


Over the last couple of years Online Personal Training has become ridiculously popular. I have seen phenomenal results with my clients that choose this path, from the complete beginner (people who have never been in a gym before!) to the regular Gym user. Following the Accelerated Results Program Online gives you complete flexibility over when you train and you still get the accountability and motivation you need off me. Under my guidance and weekly contact I will ensure you are getting the results you deserve by following my detailed online program. The program will be put together specifically for your body and lifestyle.

After I receive all the information I need off you I will give you a Program to follow and then check your progress weekly. Your program will have full instructional videos of the exercises I have prescribed for you. That may be using gym equipment or not depending on the level you are at. These videos make sure you understand the correct technique of all exercises to make them complete safe and effective. It is a hugely powerful and cheaper way to get all the benefits of working with me, Your Personal Trainer. 

What’s included :

  1. Instructional Video access to all exercises
  3. Nutrition Plan and guidelines follow
  4. Online Exercise Plan to follow 
  5. Daily WhatsApp access with any questions you may have
  6. Weekly weigh ins
  7. Weekly phone calls to assess progress


Follow the Accelerated Results Program with me by your side on a weekly basis. Working 1-1 is hugely effective , however there is still work to do outside of those sessions! I will take you through your program either once, twice or three times a week and ensure you are doing everything safety and effective.

Your sessions will be 60 minutes long and I personally assess your fitness levels to put together a program that will change your whole body. I will go through your nutrition and make sure you are motivated every step of the way.

What’s included :

  1. Instructional Video access to all exercises
  3. Nutrition Plan and guidelines follow
  4. Daily WhatsApp access with any questions you may have
  5. Weekly weigh ins
  6. Weekly phone calls to assess progress

You can either have:
X1 Training Session a week 
X2 Training Sessions a week 
X 3 Training Sessions a week