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Choose Your Plan

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals.

Both plans are developed specifically around you and have proven and effective exercise, diet and behavioral approaches. You will be weighed every session unless it is decided by you and your trainer to monitor in a different way. Please have a look and get in touch by phone, text, contact form or our live chat feature.


Meet with your trainer twice per week.

Face to face sessions where you get a great workout as well as an opportunity to discuss your diet as well as any other issues you may be facing that your trainer can help with.

Full nutrition plan.

After your nutritional needs and tastes are assessed, you will receive a flexible diet plan. Any time you need an adjustment you can work with your trainer to find the best solution.

Training plan For each week.

Your training plans work on a 2 week rotation but it takes a few workouts to fully grasp the new program so the plan is evolving on a weekly basis.


Meet with your trainer 3 - 4 times per week.

With this plan you rarely have a gap of more than a day from meeting with your trainer. With this full on approach there is no excuse not to succeed.

Day by day nutritional guidance.

You are expected to keep a daily food diary and send it to your trainer everyday so you trainer can have a real time look at what you are eating. This means any issues are dealt with swiftly to ensure the fastest results possible.

Advanced NLP techniques.

Using proven and simple to use NLP and behavior change techniques such as accurate goal setting and self assessment people are proven to have faster, better and long lasting results.