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Are you trying to lose weight or get some health and fitness back in your life? Have you had enough of feeling out of shape, overweight or want to change your body for good?

I know it can be daunting looking for a Personal Trainer - in the past, my clients have said to me they were so nervous about starting or even making the phone call they just kept putting it off. 

Walking into a gym is not something everyone is comfortable with, and I completely understand that.

My name is Chris Murray. I have been Personal Training and helping people improve their health, fitness and lose weight for 15 years! I have huge experience with working with people who have a busy lifestyle, want to lose weight and most of all want results. I know it can be a scary, nerve-racking process asking a Trainer for help, but I want you to know I have done this a long time.

Your sessions will be 1-1 with me in a gym in Birmingham City Centre. They are an hour long and in each session, I will show you:

- The best exercises to do for your body that get results. - How to lose 2lb a week while eating food you enjoy.- How to train sensibly and still get results. This is NO boot camp style training. It is structured and precise to your fitness levels.

Hope to hear from you soon Chris Murray 

£45 / Session
  • 3 Hour Long Training Sessions a Week
  • Full Nutrition Plan
  • Training Plan For Each Week
£50 / Session
  • 2 Hour Long Training Sessions a Week
  • Full Nutrition Plan
  • Training Plan For Each Week
£30 / Session
  • 30 minute Training Session a Week
  • Full Nutrition Plan
  • Training Plan For Each Week

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About Body transformation

If you are here, then you are sick and tired of being overweight. Weight loss isn't easy or simple, that's why it is a good idea to seek the support and guidance from a personal trainer. Your Personal Trainer in Birmingham will work with you in the gym one to one for an hour each week to teach you how to exercise, motivate and push you so you can get the most out of your workouts.

On top of this you will receive all the diet information and guidance you will need for you to have a happy healthy and sustainable diet that will allow you to lose weight. Finally, you will be supported every day to keep you going with your own exercise plan, keep you on track with your food and make sure you lose weight, week, after week, after week.

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How to get MOTIVATED!

How to get MOTIVATED!

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  • Start a diet and then fall off the wagon?
  • Want motivation to exercise?
  • This book will show you how to get motivated and stay motivated!!

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Nutriton e-book buy now!

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Posture fix e-book buy now!

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0788 387 3320 - Stuart Lunn

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