How 1-to-1 Personal Training Works

We are weight loss experts who can show you how to eat and exercise properly so that you can lose weight quickly in the next 3 months

Step 1: Phone Consultation


Discuss your goals with one of our expert Personal Trainers.

On your complimentary consultation call you can gain a clear understanding if "Body Transformation Personal Training" is right for you.

It gives us the chance to establish what is currently holding you back. What you have been struggling with recently and provide you with more information on how we can work together to produce excellent results with your body and mind.

If you would like to talk to us further and discover how our programs can work for you then contact us below.

Step 2: Free Session

After your consultation, the next step is to schedule your Complimentary Taster Session. Choosing the right Personal Trainer for you is important.

To make sure you can be certain we are a good match for you we offer your first session to you for free.

In this session we meet you inside the gym so we can go into your goals in greater detail. We discuss how our programs can work for you and answer any questions you might have for us.

Great "Body Transformation" results come from establishing great relationships, building trust and working closely together.

Client performing a deadbug

Step 3: Your Body Transformation Plan

A client performing a heel-raised frog squat with a weight in their hands while Chris ensures they are in the correct position

After your Complimentary Taster Session. Decide with your trainer which body transformation program suits you best.

"Our clients average 21-28 pounds of weight loss during the first 90 days with us."

Our clients are everyday people like you and we pride ourselves on how they go on to increase how they look and feel. Without having to give up carbs, their social life and doing hours of cardio.

Below are the four program options available to you.

  • Bronze Program
  • Silver Program
  • Gold Program
  • Platinum Program
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How We Measure Success


We create a personalised training program for you based around your goals. We assess your training history and current fitness level and use a movement assessment. We then create the ideal training program and exercise selection so that you can hit your goals.


We pair you with your own dedicated personal trainer who works with you through the "Body Transformation Journey". Your trainer is there to maximize your time in the gym. To keep you accountable with your nutrition and to keep you on track with your mindset. It is our job to keep you motivated and focused throughout your journey.


Losing weight, increasing your muscle, toning and feeling energised is a sign that you are progressing. To help you achieve this we design your diet plan and make sure it is enjoyable and sustainable. We design your plan using a macronutrient calculation, based around important nutrition principles. Our aim is for your nutrition plan to fit into your lifestyle.