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Chris helping a client perform a stretch


Finding the motivation to make the changes to your diet and exercise can be difficult, but we are here to help.

We are not just there for you in the gym, we offer support, guidance and advice both in and out the gym, helping you reach your goals.

  • Work together to set achievable goals
  • Monitor your progess and adjust your training and diet if needed
  • Help you feel comfortable and confident in the gym
  • Give you the habits needed to stay motivated
  • Advice and support at all times


Being in a gym can feel overwhelming, even if it is not your first time in one. We are here to help you feel confident while training.

We build our training programmes around you and your needs. Our years of experience help us to define a bespoke programme for your individual needs.

  • Teach you the best exercises to reach your goals
  • Ensure you peform all exercises safely and effectively
  • Choose the exercises that will have the best impact on your goals
  • A bespoke results-driven programme
  • Help you build strength, confidence and success
A client performing a jefferson curl
Chris helping a client perform a stretch


Whatever your diet we build a food plan you will enjoy.

Nobody can stay committed to a diet that they do not like so we will speak to you about your eating habits and design a bespoke food plan that you can stick to.

  • A food plan filled with food you like
  • Develop the behaviour change needed to stick to a food plan
  • No fads, trends or dangerous diets
  • A food plan that works around your lifestyle
  • Absolutely no starving yourself!

Our 3-step program to help you lose weight

Step 1

Free Consultation

Discuss your goals and plans with one of our personal trainers with a free consultation to help us build your program. You can do this over the phone or online.

Chris conducting a phone consultation

Step 2

Book Your Free Session

Our free training sessions allow you to get a better feel for how we work, meet your personal trainer and have a chance to discuss more about your goals and the body transformation process.

Chris watching a client performing a half-kneeling side plank

Step 3

Start Your 90 Day Body Transformation Program

Our 90 day body transformation programs offer highly successful results to improve how you look and feel. Pick one of our 4 different programs to find what works best for you.

Chris watching a client perform a bench press

Start Your Body Transformation

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