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Do you often feel too hungry when you try and get leaner and drop some body fat? Does this then lead to overeating or snacking?

It’s common problem for many men and women trying to get in their best shape. 

One Trick to getting leaner is ALWAYS feeling full. 

That way you never feel deprived and feel the need to binge.

But how can you do that when you need to be in a calorie deficit, to burn fat and start to see more definition in your body?

The power is in your nutrition, for many it is the most stressful confusing aspect of trying to transform their body.

But when you get it right you can feel satisfied, socialize and see awesome results in your fat loss. 

The key factor in your nutrition that you have to get right – is eating the right calorie-dense foods.

For example; A bad choice when considering this factor would be something like cheese or nuts.

For not a lot of volume of food, you eat a lot of calories. 

Let’s go further into this example – For 30g of Cheese, it is 120 Cals.

For the same amount, (30g) a piece of chicken is 40 calories. 

So you can eat 3 times more chicken than cheese!

This will allow you to feel fuller for longer. 

This trick is guaranteed to stop snacking or overeating – so you are far more likely to get your lean waist. 

So what other foods can you pretty much eat as much as you like?

Here is our list of 50 calories defying, fat-burning foods!

This is a pretty big list! But if you need more help with the food you can always download our Simple Food Guide – which literally gives you every tool you need to get in shape.

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50 Calorie FREE Foods (almost😝)

  1. Apples

  2. Asparagus

  3. Beets

  4. Broccoli

  5. Brussels Sprouts

  6. Cabbage

  7. Carrots

  8. Cauliflower

  9. Celery

  10. Clementines

  11. Cucumbers

  12. Grapefruit

  13. Iceberg Lettuce

  14. Kale

  15. Lemons and Limes

  16. White Mushrooms

  17. Onions

  18. Peppers

  19. Radishes

  20. Romaine Lettuce

  21. Strawberries

  22. Spinach

  23. Sugar Snap Peas

  24. Tomatoes

  25. Turnips

  26. Watercress

  27. Watermelon

  28. Zucchini

  29. Coffee

  30. Herbal Teas

  31. Water

  32. Blueberries

  33. Raspberries

  34. Popcorn

  35. Sugar-Free Jelly

  36. Grapefruit

  37. Honeydew Melon

  38. Rice Cakes

  39. Turkey Breast Deli Meat

  40. Cod

  41. Chicken Breast

  42. Egg

  43. Kiwi

  44. Miso Soup

  45. Peach

  46. Wafer Thin Biscuits

  47. Quavers

  48. Skips

  49. Crispy Seaweed

  50. Crumpet

Hope these help you get control of your food.

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