Our Body Transformation Process

Chris watching a client perform a dumbbell row on a raised bench

Our proven method to get results

Over the last 15+ years we have used our three-stage ‘body transformation process‘ with every client and it helps clients achieve successful change.

We focus on three key areas:

  1. Mindset
  2. Nutrition
  3. Exercise

We don't believe in short-term solutions such as simply eating less or moving more. They may yield short-term results through heavy sacrifices, but can also lead to old habits returning when the plan finishes.

Our process is designed to create a new identity, a rock-solid mindset and a healthy body.

What It Is

Reaching your goals one step at a time

Changing your body is more than just lifting some weights or running on a treadmill; it requires exercise, a good diet and the right mindset.

We have built our Body Transformation Process from many years of working with clients to achieve their goals and we designed it to help our clients know each of the steps that we will work through.

Each pyramid works alongside each other, and within each pyramid we build a strong foundation and work our way up. We believe this is the best way for clients to keep track of their progress and set realistic goals about the work required.

How We Use It

From our initial conversation and right through to your sessions we will talk with you to set your goals, monitor your progress and work together to keep you on track.

The pyramids below work together; reaching your goal requires more than just exercise which is why we have created our Body Transformation Process.

Each of the three areas - mindset, nutrition and exercise - compliment each other and are important building blocks in reaching your goals.

You can find out more about each of these areas below. We work through each pyramid from the bottom upwards, ensuring a stable base is built for each of the areas.

You can click on each of the blocks in the pyramids to read more information about how it works.

A client performing a trap bar deadlift

The Ultimate Exercise Structure


We have developed our ‘Body Transformation Pyramid‘ from years of working with our clients.

Our clients start at the base of the pyramid - mobility - and work their way up. Each layer of the pyramid is an important step in ensuring our clients reach their goals.

We don't believe in shortcuts or ‘get fit quick‘ schemes. By working your way through our pyramid not only will you see improvements, you will feel them too.

The Ultimate Nutrition Structure

Fist Palm Thumb

Our ‘Nutrition Transformation Pyramid‘ works alongside the others to ensure you are giving your body what it needs.

We know many clients struggle with food - eating the right things, understanding what is ‘right‘ and resisting temptation.

Working through this pyramid from the ground upwards you will gain a greater understanding of what your body needs and small changes you can make in your approach to food.

The ‘Ultimate Mindset Pyramid‘ also compliments this one as changing your diet is more than just what you put on your plate.

The Ultimate Mindset Structure

Habits & Behaviours
Change Model
Goal Setting

Our ‘Mindset Transformation Pyramid‘ focuses on an often overlooked part of body transformation - having the right attitude.

We work with our clients to set clear goals and then provide them with guidance and support to reach those goals. However, we know it can sometimes feel like a lot so we also work to ensure clients have the right mindset.

If you force yourself into the gym because you feel that you ‘have‘ to then you will not enjoy going, so we work with you to make sure body transformation is something you enjoy taking part in.

Interested in transforming your body?

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