3 Quick Fire Tips To Transform Your Body In Half The Time

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We have got good news in this article. If you are a Professional guy who sit’s at a desk all day and finds little time to transform their body, we have 3 ways you can start to make a change in your body instantly. 

We know men start to lose motivation, they think that they can not look athletic like they once did and this is because they do not have time anymore.

So they give up on losing weight and accept that although they might be successful in other areas of life. Staying out of shape and accepting the trouser overhang is part of being over thirty.

Does this sound familiar?

Besides what you have been telling yourself, all is not lost.

At CRP we have been transforming the bodies of over-30 year olds for 15 years plus.

To put a stop to this, start to build an athletic-looking body and feel proud or embarrassed without a t-shirt on. It’s a simple process and you do need to sacrifice all your time to do it.

Use these quick-fire tips to take you one step closer to a body you feel proud of.

  1. Weight train for your exercise and use compound movements. These are the best bang for your buck exercises. They slash the amount of time you need to be in the gym and dramatically change the shape of your body.

  2. Cut the carbs and increase your protein and fat. Most professionals spend too many hours slouched or chained to a desk. This means you do not move enough. Drop your body fat and double your concentration levels by eating more protein and fat and less sludgy carbs.

  3. Pull the caffeine and double down on the water. You have heard it before. Drinking 8 plus cups of coffee and tea per day is causing you to feel dehydrated, low on energy, and lacking focus. This has a knock effect on the rest of your week. You move less, exercise less, and run around with the kids less. Grab a two-litre bottle of water and make it your mission to finish at least one per day. Watch your productivity and enthusiasm for life skyrocket.

Check out the CR Performance YouTube channel for videos.

Follow these 3 Tips and you INSTANTLY start to see and feel a difference!

Interested in transforming your body?

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