3 Reasons Carbs Are Your Best Friends When Dropping Fat

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The age old question

Can you eat carbohydrates and lose body fat?

This question gets thrown at us at least on a weekly basis.

If you have followed us for some time. Then you will have established that we are no-nonsense characters. Especially when it comes to transforming people’s bodies. We call it out the BS that surrounds the weight loss world.

Anyway…. can you eat carbohydrates and still lose weight?

Well… all the results with our clients have all come from eating carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are an important macronutrient when it comes to fat loss.

Let us give you three quick-fire reasons why you need carbohydrates for long-term success.


What does this mean?

Carbohydrates are fuel (think of petrol in your car). If we are looking to change the shape of our body. Then workouts are essential.

Consumption of carbohydrates will allow us to perform in the gym. The greater we can perform and the harder we can exercise. Then the greater ability we have to spend energy.


We advocate carbohydrate-based meals as our client’s pre-bed meals. Yes, you read that right carbs after 6pm.

Contrary to belief the fat gain monster will not attack you while you sleep. Resulting in an extra 10 pounds of body fat overnight.

There is a reason we do this. An increase in carbohydrates pre-sleep can increase the body’s serotonin levels. This promotes restful sleep.

Before you start pouring carbohydrates down your neck before bed tonight. let’s touch on a point. Again this is not a magical potion for fat loss. Yet when we have optimal amounts of sleep our cognitive function will be greater.

This will lead to good decision making, Lack of cravings, and an all-round greater performance.

They Taste Good

Yes, that’s right, carbs taste good.

Guys nutrition should be sustainable but it should also be enjoyable. Sure you can stop eating carbs for four weeks. In fact, you might even go six months. There will become a day when carbs find their way back into your diet.

Take note, that as with anything when it comes to fat loss, weight loss, or changing the shape of your body. We all have different tolerances and we all have different starting points.

As a general rule of thumb, place carbohydrates around a workout. (think about performance). And pre-bed.

Oh, and one final point – just to confirm…..

Remember for weight loss, there is always one fundamental rule.

You must be consuming fewer calories than you are burning.

If you get this wrong it doesn’t matter on the macronutrient in question.

You can still gain weight.

Enjoy the carbs, speak soon.

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