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First of all, let’s be clear. Being motivated comes from taking action. It’s not something we can think about and hope it appears.

These tips are based on actions you can take to build momentum which turns into motivation.

In my experience with clients, working in an office is probably the more challenging environment you can be in, when you want to make a change to your weight and how your body looks. But it can be done, as we have seen 100’s of times with clients.

It’s the after-work drinks, being surrounded by chocolate and cake for any reason possible, and above all, you sit down more than you are move.

The mentality in most offices is not health-driven. Most people live off ‘meal deals’ and never-ending workload offers little headspace to try and figure out what is the best thing to eat from the local shop.

And think about it – not many people really care if you lose weight and transform your body.

In fact, most people will get more of a kick out of you not doing it, because you make them feel bad when you show discipline and effort towards something.

As they can’t be bothered.

Although despite their lack of enthusiasm, they will be severely impressed when you manage to reveal the result – of less fat and more muscle.

This means that your work circle is not likely to contribute anything towards your goal.

No motivational quotes

No “well done”

No “you can do it”

More likely it will be – “why are you bothering?”

And that means you have to motivate yourself – and that’s hard!

It’s easy to become busy and caught up in life and push your goal down the priority list and often just give up when this is your surrounding.

Everybody needs a motivational pat on the back, a kick up the arse, accountability – call it what you will.

These 3 Tips are to help you stay conscious of your goal when you work in an office.

1. Actively Schedule Positive Behaviours

Do What?

For the most part, it will be you in your head on this transformation journey (unless you hire a coach or find a like-minded group. Can’t recommend this enough), it can be an isolated road so the more you can highlight your goals the better.

Consistently doing things that say – “I’m making an effort to lose weight/ transform my body ”, will strengthen the awareness of your goal.

It is so easy to forget what you want, or just get lost in the week that you stop trying to transform your body.

How many times have you had the best intentions then someone asks if you ” fancy a pint after work?’ or “it’s Jane’s Birthday, she brought chocolates in”.

Before you know it you have written off the week because you lost focus and fell off track.

Here are some ideas on Positive Behaviours how you can stay “on it” and focused.

  • Weigh yourself every Monday and Friday – every time you step on a scale it’s conscious thought of – “I’m making effort to lose weight”.

  • The more you can instil that message in your brain the more your behaviours will follow suit.

  • Write down the meals you want to eat for the next 2- 5 days. Most of the week, all of us walk around on autopilot, when it comes to food it’s so easy to be easy, distracted, need to eat on the go, and choose poor meals. Motivation builds like a snowball effect, putting a good couple of meals leaves you feeling sand looking better. So planning just a couple of days ahead can mean you will stay fired up to get your goal.

2. Schedule Regular Periods On and Off

Weight Loss should not feel like an endless road. While the guys in the office committed to beers at the end of the month, it’s unrealistic to think you will always find the willpower to say no.

The aim of losing weight and transforming your body is to make targets and hit them.

Having a mixture of intense and maintenance phases is key. During an intense phase, sacrifice should be expected. In a maintenance phase, it should not.

Motivation is not constant, so you must choose your periods to take serious action and then back off.

Without this balance people spend their whole life thinking they will get round to losing weight one day…when they are not busy. And that day never comes.

Hit your target. Renew the target. Go again.

3. Workout In The Morning

Chances are you are busy – so don’t leave it to chance that you don’t get to fit training into your day. As Personal Trainers, we notice morning clients are always better prepared than after work clients. People after work can come in distracted, still thinking about work – those in the morning are fired up.

Exercise is the anchor to everything – I can’t stress that enough in terms of weight loss and transforming your body. And to begin with, do anything. Walk, run, lift just be active. Once you build the habit then look to make the process more effective.

If you go to the gym you eat better

If you train you feel better.

If you train you to look better.

If you hit the gym in the morning it fires your Nervous System up and focuses you for your day.

Remember, the more conscious actions and behaviours you can do that say:– ” I am actively trying to lose weight and transform my body” the more chance you have of succeeding.

Hope these tips help you to keep focused to lose weight and build muscle while sitting at your desk.

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