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Christmas is the best time of the year. A time where we celebrate, drink and eat too much.

Pigs in Blankets – they alone make Christmas spectacular.

And even better for some, it’s acceptable to go out on any random night and get merry.

So Christmas has been and gone and you find yourself one week into the new year.

Most likely feeling like you overindulged, a bit sluggish, and like your clothes don’t fit properly.

Most of us will be feeling the same. All of a sudden post-Christmas, back at work, back at the desk and it’s difficult to get back into the swing of things, right?

Well good news, here are 4 Tips you can follow to get back into shape in the New Year.

1. Take Some Action, Now

At CRP we are firm believers that there’s no time like the present. Truth is we can always find an excuse not to start. It is what us humans do.

Now, this isn’t us saying start a full-throttle fitness regime, but take action on something that will best prepare you for the new year.

It could be:

  • Get a gym membership sorted,

  • Get your new gym clothes prepared,

  • Start planning some meals you can eat at work

Whatever it is, take some action now.

How many times have you used the excuse ‘I will start on Monday’ before?

The problem is that for most Monday never comes. Before you know it, a month passes and you are still in the same place.

When we start working with new clients we tell them to  “make a start’. whether that’s Monday morning or on a Wednesday mid-afternoon it does not matter. Commit to it and make a start.

Once you are in January and busy with life it’s easy to not get started at all.

2. Do Not Cut Your Calories Too Much In January

This must be the biggest mistake we see during January. It’s fair to say we will have all enjoyed some downtime and overindulged during the festive period. Most of us would have gained excess weight.

Remember excess weight can be undone with the right plan in place. Do not panic and cut your calories in half.

Start to clean up your food intake by getting rid of the leftover goodies and introducing foods that are high in nutrients and lower in calories.

Drop your calories to put yourself in a calorie deficit. 200 to 300 calories are enough to start with. If you don’t know what your daily calories are download MyFitnessPal (App Store / Google Play Store) to log your food. This will tell you exactly how much to eat.

3. Start With Less and Then Add More

Like nutrition, if you have had a period away from training then start with less and add more.

People often think by training six times per week they will get results faster. Truth is too much too quickly can lead to you feeling tired and running down. Along with lacking any enjoyment in your training.

Start with three to four 45-minute weight training workouts, as the week’s progress looks to increase the weight, sets & reps.

We tell our clients to work with minimal cardio when they start their body transformations.  Prioritizing lifting weights instead and adding them when they need to. Yet post-Christmas, adding cardio straight away is a better option. Start with 20-30 minutes three times a week.

4. Find a Routine Again

Establish some routine again. Christmas puts everyone’s routine out to focus on getting regular times you exercise. Plan it in your diary and keep yourself accountable.

For example, if you train at 5pm on a Monday evening make sure your next workout is not 7am Tuesday morning. This allows for enough rest and recovery as well as making it easier to become a habit.

Consistency always wins, and it will beat any extreme approach.

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