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One of the main requests we get as Personal Trainers is – “How do I lose weight fast?”

This urgency increases when you have a holiday or special outfit to try and squeeze into. One thing we know is that weight loss and building a better body is a reactive processes for most.

In other words only when they NEED to, will they take action and start a weight loss process.

This mindset is the reason that so many start and fail quick FAD, binge-like diets.

There is no doubt you can lose weight fast in a very unhealthy way. Take a look at every binge diet out there promising to lose 10lb or more in a week. The juice diet, the cabbage diet, the 500 calories diet – yes they work. Because they are STARVING your body of nutrients.

The biggest reason this should be avoided is that the weight loss does not last.

I’ll repeat that; When you lose weight fast – the weight loss does not last. Unless of course, you are willing to live on minimal food for the rest of your life. Unless you can maintain the drastic action you took to initiate the fast weight loss, it will come back on. Often – as quick as you lost it. Eating healthy is the key to health – and there is 1 big reason eating healthy should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.


Thus begins a vicious cycle – known as the diet cycle. How many times have you done this?

Diet cycle image which shoes a series of steps repeating in a circular pattern. At the top is 'start diet' which leads to 'restriction', which then leads to 'feel deprived and tempted' that leads to 'cravings' which in turn leads to 'giving in' and then leads to 'guilt, low self-esteem and poor confidence' before returning back to the start with 'start diet'

As well as the quick bounce back of weight gain, losing weight fast rarely gives a person the body they want.

Most people want a lean stomach, toned legs and arms. When you lose weight fast you get none of that. You can look smaller, but your body won’t hold any shape. It is more likely to produce a ‘loose’ rather than a ‘tight’ looking body.

Some people call this ‘skinny fat’.


The key to transforming your body is to combine weight training with a sustainable diet. You don’t want to give up bread or chocolate let’s be honest. And you don’t have to if you eat correctly.

We put together a free guide on the best way to eat to lose up to 28lb in 90 days. A good sustainable loss. You can grab our Simple Food Guide Here.

People so often overcomplicate food. Keep it simple, check this video out to know how.

Your food should complement your exercise. This allows you to eat for performance, rather than avoidance. As you know, when people diet they just avoid all the foods they want to eat. This creates the above cycle.

When you learn how to combine your food with exercise – it is a game changer. No more strict silly diets, just total fuel for your body.


Your body is a machine. Even though you don’t treat it like one yet – it needs food and it needs movement to keep working effectively.

Poor diet and lack of weight training slow down the effectiveness of how your body works. This includes your metabolism, your ability to burn calories and how easily your body can tone up.

That is why it is so important to exercise your body and fuel it correctly – to keep the machine working and to always be in control of how your body looks. Losing 2lb of body fat a week is a good amount of fat loss. Unfortunately, your “Lose Weight Fast” mentality has warped your views of what is a good amount. This leads you to keep chasing that drastic unsustainable loss.

2lb of body fat = 7000 calories in the effort. That is a lot of effort. That is also why losing 10lb in a week makes no sense, you cannot physically lose that much fat in a week.

So you are losing weight – not fat. That is water, muscle and some fat.

Feeding your body properly and learning to exercise properly is the best way to lose weight, and keep it off.

If you are confused when you walk into the gym about what to do then don’t worry – we have a guide for that too. Get The Ultimate Exercise Structure guide here. It will show you what to do in the gym.


Learn the right way to get the result you want. Train and eat smart.

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